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I See Kindness Everywhere, by Shelley Frost

I See Kindness Everywhere
story and illustrations by Shelley Frost

8.5" x 8.5" 28-pages, Full-Color Softbound
2 and up
ISBN: 978-1-4490-0415-6
Library of Congress Control No. 2009909952


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I See Kindness Everywhere, by Shelley FrostFeatured in Bay Area Parent magazine!
This new children’s book by Lafayette mom Shelley Frost is perfect for Thanksgiving, reminding kids to see the kindness around them and say thanks to everyone, from construction workers to sock makers to their own teachers and families. Frost’s bright, simple illustrations provide a welcome reminder to children to count their blessings every day.
Bay Area Parent editor Janine DeFao

Moms love it too. Read one mom's review from Amazon.com!

"Fun, entertaining and non-preachy book with a message even toddlers can appreciate! I See Kindness Everywhere has a great message delivered in a sweet, personal way.

"The message is ideal for young children. After reading it, my 3 and 5 year old kids have had a lot of fun thanking cows for milk, trees for oxygen, and farmers for the oats in their oatmeal. How cool, to get kids - many of whom live in a culture of relative wealth and entitlement - thinking about how their socks came to exist, and that someone worked hard to lay the concrete sidewalk they walk on.

"The illustrations are adorable, colorful and interesting (even for parents). Love it!"

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Enlightened Arts provides creative services and inspiring, useful products that nurture gratitude, kindness, happiness, progress, and prosperity in the world, for people of all traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs. Most recently, we feature I See Kindness Everywhere -- a book written and illustrated by Shelley Frost that can help children learn to notice and appreciate everyday things.