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Creative Services / Communications Support

You have a great website and compelling marketing materials, but the quality of day-to-day communications with your clients could be improved.

And what about social networking? It's a new world, with more exciting ways than ever to connect with with prospective customers.

Or perhaps communication within your own team could be better. After all, your employees are your internal customers. And they need to feel integral to the success of your company. They also need to be talking with each other.

Tell us your goals and current challenges, and we will listen. We will also share with you how we might be able to help you fine tune your communications — the content (what) as well as processes and vehicles (who, when, how). Here are a few good words from people Shelley Frost has had the pleasure of serving:

"Shelley has an uncanny ability to identify with target audiences—she acknowledges their perceptions and accurately predicts their reactions. She skillfully infuses a tone into her writing that is genuine and compassionate. This unique combination of skills consistently leads to communications that are clear, positive, believable, and ultimately effective.

"Shelley is one of the most productive individuals that I have ever encountered—she has great focus and the ability to quickly generate quality work... Overall, Shelley has served as my most senior and capable writer, to whom I turned with the most critical and complex of projects. She is an intelligent, dedicated, and gifted communicator, and I am absolutely certain that she will add tremendous value to your company's communication initiatives.”

Leslie Sinfield, Former Vice President,
Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

"Shelley provides a rare combination of excellent writing and design skills, very strong strategic thinking, and effective tactical execution, among many other talents. I originally hired her for a design project, but quickly found myself relying on her insights and work across a wide spectrum of marketing. Shelley's first project was a serious challenge: a complicated new service, sold through by partners unaccustomed to acting as a channel, to a market unfamiliar with the service and unaccustomed to buying anything through the particular channel. Shelley and her work were invaluable throughout the launch of the new service, from better defining the service, to understanding and segmenting the market, to pricing, to strategically describing the service to different audiences, to the tactical design and production of several different pieces on both the channel and end-user sides. 

"Shelley develops and works with a nuanced empathy and intuition regarding the target market. She designed a novel display piece, using the form of a physical piece to overcome challenges in reaching an unusual audience, and wrote several pieces for that and other differing audiences, which displayed her ability to segment, understand, and effectively engage different audiences. Shelley is a pleasure to work with, maintaining her sense of humor in stressful situations and working well with people on a team and external partners. She is a self-starter who is passionate about her work, and she takes ownership of projects and their budgets and time lines. She proactively helped us finish a website project, something completely outside the scope of her engagement at the time. She is highly responsive, and her experience allows her to turn projects around quickly. As an example, I recently learned of an important opportunity to place a newspaper ad, with exactly forty minutes to get the piece to the printer. Shelley did so with aplomb, despite the fact that we had no existing ad copy or artwork for the situation. …I have hired Shelley for multiple successive marketing projects, and always look forward to working with her."

S. Jules, Founder and President,
Garrison Home Services

"The success of our complex SAP implementation project depended on good, clear, accurate, frequent communication. Shelley, as a key writer/editor and communications strategist, worked closely with the project team and its leadership to develop quality internal and external communications that supported the team as well as the company's culture, environment and objectives. Her ideas and creativity were great, and she did a great job of ensuring our deadlines were met. Beyond her valuable skills, Shelley is a great team player with a great attitude. She's efficient and accurate, a good listener, and takes feedback very well. I would highly recommend her for any project where quality communications are critical."

Roz Mooney, Former Vice President,
Strategic Operations

Contact us at info@enlightenedarts.com to discuss how your business or venture could benefit from our assistance.

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Creative Services | Logos | Websites | Marketing Materials | Communications Support

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