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What is your brand identity? It's much more than the name of your company or even your logo. Let us help you reflect your brand as well as your business goals with fresh, creative materials, starting with a logo.

Your logo emerges from a clear understanding of your brand, your mission and your values. To ensure this, we will lead you through a straightforward process to develop a branding reference document. This document will be a useful guide when you're developing all communications. Importantly, it will also note the “noise,” or distracting messages, you'll want to avoid. From this, we'll develop a list of potential design concepts and themes, as well as taglines. All of which will lead us to potential logos. Business cards, stationery, and envelopes complete the basic identity package.

Any logo development that does not go through the above process risks leaving out valuable considerations regarding who you are, whom you wish to serve, and how you wish to serve them and the best ways to communicate with that audience.

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Contact us at info@enlightenedarts.com to discuss how your business or venture could benefit from our assistance.

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Enlightened Arts Creative Services - Logos

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Creative Services | Logos | Websites | Marketing Materials | Communications Support

Enlightened Arts provides creative services and inspiring, useful products that nurture gratitude, kindness, happiness, progress, and prosperity in the world, for people of all traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs. Most recently, we feature I See Kindness Everywhere -- a book written and illustrated by Shelley Frost that can help children learn to notice and appreciate everyday things.