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May 4, 2010

Shelley Frost (310) 990-5163

New children’s book is the perfect balance to consumer culture

I See Kindness Everywhere is a fun and colorful book that teaches children a valuable lesson about gratitude

Lafayette, CA – For parents wanting to help their children appreciate what they have and where it comes from is a new book aimed at teaching kids that everywhere they look, they can find an opportunity to see kindness and give thanks. I See Kindness Everywhere, written and illustrated by Bay Area mom Shelley Frost, is a fun and colorful book that will quickly become every child’s favorite as they explore the world around them this summer.

“This little book gives children a reason to give thanks for everything they have, using a simple concept every child can understand,” says Frost. “As a parent, I know how important it is for young people to learn how to notice and appreciate everyday blessings, from socks to hawks.”

The book will be available at a number of Bay Area bookstores in the coming months, but can be easily purchased online now through www.EnlightenedArts.com.

I See Kindness Everywhere was inspired by an Eastern concept of kindness that can help people of all ages notice and appreciate the kindness of others. The concept goes like this: any action that benefits you — large or small, intentional or even unintentional — is a kindness given to you, and something to be thankful for.

After failing to find any children’s books that would help teach this simple but dynamic concept to her daughter, Frost decided that she needed to create her own.

“I knew I’d hit it right when my daughter at dinner one night exclaimed ‘Thank you, tomato workers! Thank you, lentil bean workers!’” recalls Frost. “She understood that the things that she loves come from people whose work can be considered a kindness, even if they don’t know her personally.”

In the spirit of the book, the author has decided to donate some of the proceeds from the book to charity. Moreover, Frost is going to let her readers decide which charities will receive the donations – via an online poll at www.EnlightenedArts.com.

About Shelley Frost

Shelley Frost is a freelance artist currently living in the East Bay with her family. This is her first children’s book.


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Enlightened Arts provides creative services and inspiring, useful products that nurture gratitude, kindness, happiness, progress, and prosperity in the world, for people of all traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs. Most recently, we feature I See Kindness Everywhere -- a book written and illustrated by Shelley Frost that can help children learn to notice and appreciate everyday things.